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old dudesHi! This is Dave & Len. Even though we don’t (currently) look like these two guys from “The Muppet Show”, there have been days that we’ve certainly felt like them! So, much for our inside joke.

Reviewing Tunes is a B/Vlog aimed primarily at rock music that has just been released and those exceptional bands or artists from the past; good and bad. Because, face it…if you’re really good, you’re going to get picked up. If you’ve been able to get your music out and it’s not well received, there are two things to be said for that: 1) Someone thought you were good enough to put out that recording, and 2) It takes guts or a really good sense of humor to put something out into the wild that not appeal to the masses. Good for you, either way. So, if you’ve sold more than 1,000 units of your music that means you reached an audience bigger than most families and your classmates, right?

Seriously, we’re very interested in music (especially rock), and one of us can actually play a guitar! We’re going to tell you about music, local and semi-local venues, restaurants, beer…very definitely beer…from the excellent micro-breweries here in East Tennessee. If we’re lucky, we’ll even take a few excursions into Asheville, NC to dip into their music and brews.

So! Come along for the ride! We plan to have a Video once a week. Don’t expect anything special. The company we work for, The Narom/Drof Group, is about as cheap as you can get with studio time, sets, equipment and the like. What we lack in glitz we’ll make up for with charismatic wit, dynamic information and intelligent repartee. (I’m waiting for David to quit laughing.)

See you soon with something you can actually make use of!

Len & Dave

Dave & Len
Dave & Len at The Bistro during Big Ears Festival 2016 (NOT like the Two Dudes Above!)
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