Chester Bennington-Front Man for Linkin Park Dead at 41

The very first time I heard Linkin Park was when my oldest daughter, Erika, introduced the band to me. I liked them right off the bat. I’m not much into primal screaming, but Chester Bennington’s version was different. Unique. At least, it was at the time. As with anything good, there were tons of copy cats.  And, Chester didn’t invent the scream, either. Regardless, the music was rap, rock, a lot of angst (!!!), and very well done!

So, when I read yesterday that Chester had apparently committed suicide, my first thought were of Erika. She was a Linkin Park fan as in fanatic when she was a teen. In a good way, of course. Like my parents couldn’t understand my obsession with listening to Genesis (w/Peter Gabriel) or Pink Floyd over and over and over, I’m not quite sure why Erika was drawn to this particular flame. But, she was. Erika’s now a grown woman with three beautiful children, and I couldn’t have been more proud of her viewpoint when it came to Chester’s passing. In fact, it really applies to any artist as she indicates. She posted the following on Facebook on 7/20/17.

Y’all already know my heart today… My high school was EVERYTHING Linkin Park and Chester.

EDIT: For those who have comments or feelings towards his suicide, I don’t think he was or is waiting for your sympathy. For those who feel its a cowards way, I don’t think it matters now. Feel for the family, not for him. He’s gone whether by suicide, an accident, or if it had been health reasons. Even for those who have comments on recent music, it’s not always about the now or that we listen as we did before.. For those of us who post and had a connection to the music at one time and loved ANY musician, artist, writer, entertainer.. etc.. It’s the feeling of loss as if we were in that time. As for me, I will miss the Chester I listened to for WAY too many hours and the multiple cds I went through when they started skipping. The fan groups I was in to receive cds, posters, shirts, etc. The chat rooms to hope and get a question answered during live Q&A’s. The excitement of Meteora when it dropped after Hybrid Theory. The unreleased tracks I was more than too excited to find. I will miss the Linkin Park I knew, when I felt I needed them.

Is that beautiful and on-point, or what?! I agree with her on everything, but especially about feeling for the family. We don’t know the dynamic there, but it’s devastating no matter what. Let’s hope that they come through this strong.

Here’s a YouTube that Erika put on Facebook with her comments. Enjoy the talent:

Photo of Chester Bennington By norrelb [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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  1. Great article and powerful comments from Erika. I wasn’t as big of a fan as some of my friends but was a fan all the same. In fact, I remember moving out of the house for the very first time into a cheap apartment in Fountain City. At that time I had a landline phone with voicemail capability and instead of having my answering machine say something boring like “I am currently away right now, please leave me a message blah blah blah.” I had that machine play instead one of the intro’s to a Linkin Park song that escapes me at the moment. So that must mean something about how I enjoyed their music.

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