Chris Cornell 1964/2017

Chris (our Chris at RT) sent me an IM at work asking if I’d heard that Chris Cornell had died. I was a little stunned, and I said, “no.” At that time, it wasn’t known how he passed away, but the latest is that he might have hanged himself. Cornell had said that he had problems with drugs. We’ll have to wait and see if drugs actually had anything to do with his final decision. Regardless…

About a week ago, Chris (our Christ at RT) had asked me in passing if we should ask our guests on the show who their favorite guilty pleasure band was. I didn’t hesitate, and I said “Soundgarden”. Then in answer to his real question, I said I thought it was a good idea. I think it’s even more of a good idea, now.

My favorite song was “Black Hole Sun”. I’ll put the YouTube link down below. There was just something about it that I really liked. And, Soundgarden was one of my guilty favorites, because I’m not a huge grunge fan. There are stellar songs in this genre, to be sure. I was just never a huge fan. So, saying Soundgarden was a guilty pleasure was telling the truth. I really liked Chris’ vocals. I always feel bad for the ones left behind by the passing of a loved one. I hope those close to him are given the chance to deal with this in their own way. Celebrity can bring unwanted intrusions into the lives of those who remain.

We will talk more about Chris Cornell, Soundgarden and other Grunge bands very soon in our next Video.  And, we should try to remember Cornell as one helluva performer and one of the big guys who helped usher in the Grunge era.


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