Louis Berry…What a Powerhouse!

About three years ago, a guy from Liverpool started making a name for himself. Why? He’s freakin’ great, is why! He’s taken Blues, Rockabilly, Breakup Concepts, and mashed them up with his raw powerful vocals, great backup vocals, sincerely excellent musicality to make even the most potentially depressing song something you want to jump up and dance to!


The first song I heard was “25 Reasons“, and that led to “She Wants Me“, “Restless“, “.45” and “Nicole“. His live performance cover of “How Would You Feel” is amazing! I’m still going over what I can find to hear more, but I’m hooked! I’ve read that he’s being compared to Johnny Cash (how cool is that, eh?) and he confidently states he’s going to be the biggest male artist on the planet. I think he’ll be right up there. This guy’s got the vocal and song writing talent to get there.

Berry’s had a hard start to life, it’s all in his Biog, but instead of being the victim he became so much more than most of his peers. His grandfather gave him a starter banjo, and that eventually let to guitar. So, singer, song writer and musician. He even has some great videos. Looks like things are going his way. So, if you listen to his songs from the links I’ve provided, do you think Berry will become the biggest male artist on the planet?

Comments, please!

Louis Berry – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Website


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