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During my short time on Earth (because it is relative, right?), I have found certain types of music that are not to my liking. I’ve been talking about the things I like, and now I’m going to discuss those forms of music I don’t care for. These are the variations I realized I didn’t care for as I was growing up. So, the first type of music I determined I didn’t like was…

Country Music. I don’t ever remember enjoying Country/Western Music when I was a kid in the 60’s. I’d hear the moaning and groaning of performers with their twanging guitars and voices, and I’d cringe. I’m not going to apologize for this. It’s like someone who doesn’t like liver and onions; you know in the first bite that it isn’t for you. There were only two performers I could tolerate; Johnny Cash & Roger Miller. I thought Cash had a Rock-A-Billy thing going on, and I could handle that. Roger Miller; I just thought he had a cool voice, and he had a sense of humor. To me, Country Music has degraded into nothing more than Rural Angst about getting drunk all the time while dancing and showing off pick up trucks and/or tractors. (Yawn) That being said, I’ve gone to a Dolly Parton concert and was very entertained. She’s a helluva performer, and a lot of her songs cross over. I like her sense of humor, too. I also went to see Kenny Rogers on his final tour. My wife loves him, and I bought the tickets for her to see him before he retired. His voice isn’t what it used to be, and he had a bum knee from surgery, but he surprised the hell out of me; He’s a great entertainer!!! I’m glad I went, but if you look at a lot of his music, it crosses over, too. With all of the artists out there, narrowing it down to just four that I can sit through? Well, that’s not a good sign. I also want to add that many people will probably ask me about this artist and that and why don’t I like them. I can appreciate the hard work and talent that’s there. It simply isn’t for me. (Reba; I think you’re a great comedienne.)

Jazz. Specifically Freeform Jazz. I’ll admit that I might have a little OCD, but hearing everybody in the band doing something like scales or just playing notes without regard to any other part of the song…no. It’s like a Man Bun. Just NO. I can toss notes into the air, too. It doesn’t mean it’s a talent or that it’s good. My opinion. The only Jazz variant that I have liked has been from Steely Dan.

Hip Hop. Almost all of it sounds the same, it all sounds like Corporate America using a formula to sell to the masses. It’s got a beat and you can dance to it, and that’s the best that I can say about Hip Hop.

Rap. Sorry, everyone. It’s not that I’m an old dude. (Not that old, anyway) I guess I’m okay with some of the older Rap. And, I really like a lot of Gorillaz, but that’s not like Gangsta Rap. I’m not into music that incites anger or degrades anyone. Argue your points, I just don’t like it. I honestly don’t think I’d like it if I grew up with it as a kid.

Most Opera. Yup, I’m an equal opportunity disliker. I like the modernized versions of certain Operatic songs through the “Aria” project. Those are just cool to listen to musically, and the vocals are toned down so that it doesn’t feel like the Vikings are bursting through your front door. Otherwise; I don’t like the music or the vocal styles.

Heavy Metal. Uh-oh!!! Not quite the white-bread you thought I was, right? I’m not into growling unless I’m doing it and in private. I get bored by the same style of guitar riffs and staccato drum beats. And, quite frankly it sets me on edge in a bad way like Vodka. Vodka makes me mean as a snake. I’m a Bourbon guy. It’s a different kind of feeling altogether. What used to be called Heavy Metal isn’t the same as today. I really like Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep. And, for as much as I love what the Ayreon project does, there are times the modern Heavy Metal elements in some of the albums are a total turn off for me.

Crooners! Oh, man! I better throttle back some, because I could go on a bit about this style. Yes, Harry Connick Jr., Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, et-al have great voices. But, I can’t even tell you how much I despise this form of music! I’d rather listen to Rap. Not Country, but Rap.

So, with all this negativity, disliking and despising, what do I like? I’ll leave that to my articles. I’ve only started to scratch the surface. You’ll see as time goes by. I also reserve the right to add onto this article. I’m sure someone will come up with a form of music I’ll object to in the future. It’s Human Nature to change. For as much as I love some forms of music, there’s an equal amount I do not like at all. I’ve been kind so far; the gloves are off, now.

This is kind of liberating! 🙂



Co-Founder of “Reviewing Tunes”. At one time sold outrageously expensive Hi-Fi equipment after being hooked into quality recordings at the tender age of 11. (Still prefers vinyl) A prog rock fan from way back, but open to all music.

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2 thoughts on “What Len Doesn’t Like…

  1. I’m surprised that reading what Len does not like was less negative than anticipated. I wonder if you have had any real life things affect the way you feel about certain artists or music genre types. For example: In my life, I grew up as a socially awkward geeky child in good ol’ Appalachia America. Country music used to be blared on the school bus so I naturally associated it with things that I didn’t like. Same thing goes for heavy metal. I too am not a big fan of the genre and I think it was because I have had acquaintances in my life that loved it and I didn’t necessarily trust their judgement in music (or really in life). I got a buddy at work named Freddie who is a huge Metal fan so I won’t be throwing out the notion completely. On a random note (pun intended), I like that these forums have spelling chek, cuse if we’s are gonnna review delishious bear beverages then it will make me a tad more smartz lookng.

  2. Well, Chris; no. I didn’t hate my parents, though they did play country music a lot. Not exclusively, but a lot. It was just a sound I found I didn’t like. Also, I don’t really care what people like to listen to. I have friends who love Swing, Hip-Hop, Rap, etc. Honestly; it’s the music itself I don’t care for. Not who happens to listen to it, or my relationship with them and the style by proxy. By the way, Freddie’s cool. He would be cool even if he liked Opera. 😉

    Also, Dave chimed in on Facebook about this article. He does make a point that there is good and bad in each particular form of music. For me, there’s enough bad in those that I listed above to generically state that I don’t care for it. I have to disagree with him about not putting labels on music. I think it’s pretty easy to know the difference between Rock and Country, and that also helps to define more of what I like and do not like. I guess I’m going to be the cynical and sarcastic one in the group. I’m okay with that. 😀

    Glad you found the spell check feature whilst examining adult beverages. We just need to train you on how to use the darned thing!

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